At IKEHIKO Co., our motto is to “make life delightful”. We keep innovating and challenging ourselves in providing comprehensive solutions to home textiles and interior decoration.

Founded over 100 years ago, IKEHIKO has inherited traditions, culture and unique techniques of the region. We find great potentials in “igusa”, the traditional natural fiber familiar to Japanese. We devote ourselves in planning and developing “igusa” products, and deliver our products worldwide.

We strive to convey the traditional charm of “igusa”, meanwhile adjust our product lines to fit modern home designs. Always coming up with new proposals, we invest in creating relaxing home spaces that bring healing effects of “igusa” to modern residences.




Fukuoka Headquarters
1052 Miyamatsu, Ohki-machi, Mizuma-gun, Fukuoka Pref., Japan





May, 1957 (Founded: 1886)

President [Representative Director]

Kosei Inokuchi


Manufacturing and selling igusa products, home textiles, etc.


100 million yen

Branch Offices

Tokyo Office (Saitama Pref., Koshigaya-shi)
Osaka Office (Osaka Pref., Osaka-shi)
Yatsushiro Office (Kumamoto Pref., Yatsushiro-shi)
Takamatsu Office (Kagawa Pref., Takamatsu-shi)
Hokkaido Office (Hokkaido., Sapporo-shi)

Affiliated companies

Hasta la vista Corporation (supercenters stores)
Piso Comodo Corporation (tatami manufacturing and installation)
I’s Corporation (e-commerce)
Ikehiko Shanghai (Overseas Offices)




Centered around the concept of pure and natural,
Emphasizing on material textures,
These sophisticated designs bring you a modern lifestyle.

Ask Doctors

Developed in collaboration with physicians,
this bedding item series
helps you sleep better.


Everyday denim,
A classic material loved by all.
D.STYLE brings you lifestyle with denim.


Elegant design with strictly selected densely weaved igusa
The Hikotaro series connects the past, the current and the future
The traditions and technologies of IKEHIKO coexist in harmony.

C S R "What IKEHIKO is working on"


We are cultivating Igusa ourselves.

We started cultivating igusa ourselves from 2012. Since the production of igusa is declining, we have been developing products that use our own igusa so as to continue the traditions handed down from our ancestors. Our own igusa is put into production of products directly after harvesting without any further processing. For that matter, we are able to achieve a texture that is natural and smooth to the touch with our products.


The “Kids in the Center Project”

We are an official sponsor for the “Kids in the Center Project” hosted by an organization that consists of 3 private kindergartens. We have been holding events around the theme of promoting the benefits of igusa, a traditional material that is safe and gentle to the skin, to families with young children.


Certified Organic Cotton

Organic cotton means cotton cultivated under strict control with no use of substances such as pesticides in fields that have not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizer for at least 3 years. We IKEHIKO have obtained certification for providing organic cotton products(※). ※OCS (Organic Content Standard) certified.